Airbag Module Reset Service

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident?
Did your dealership tell you that you need a new airbag module?

Seat Belt Center can reset and restore your existing airbag control module to its original factory setting so you don’t have to buy a new and expensive one. Resetting your existing module will save you time and money, and will not require additional programming. We service airbag modules from all vehicles years 1998 – 2017.

Whether it was involved in a major or minor impact, and even if your airbags did not deploy. Your airbag light is on and your vehicle’s Airbag Control Module/ACM has activated storing crash data and both soft and hard codes.

This airbag module is technically known by other names such as the airbag (SRS) Supplemental Restraint System in Honda vehicles, airbag (SDM) Sensing Diagnostic Module in GM vehicles and airbag (EDR) Event Data Recorder.

Regardless of the extent of the accident, codes are stored in the module. Seat Belt Center specializes in resetting all crash data plus any hard or soft stored codes after the accident.

Our services will restore your Airbag Computer Control Module to its original factory settings. All computer control modules can be reset with the exception of flood, fire and other rare electrical malfunctions.

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