Limited Lifetime Warranty on Repair and Return Services.
120 Day Warranty on Airbag Module Reset Services.

Seat Belt Repairs

All seatbelt repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Tampering or modifying the seatbelt mechanism, mounts or assembly will void the warranty. Each seatbelt is inspected and tested before it leaves our facility. For assistance with installation, visit our support page for tips and pointers for seatbelt removal and installation.


Airbag Control Module Reset Service

Our Reset service comes with a 120 Day warranty. Upon receipt of your airbag control computer module, we will reset it to its original factory settings. Your airbag computer will be plug and play ready and will not require any additional programming. Fire, flood, and rare electrical malfunctioning airbag computers are not resettable.


Void Warranty

Tampering with or modifying your automotive parts serviced by SeatBelt Center will Void all Warranties.